Upcoming IPOs in India 2023

In recent times, stock investment has emerged as one of the most profitable investment avenues for people of all genres. The reason is pretty simple – a wonderful opportunity to be a part of an emerging brand or business. Second, it opens up new lucrative growth opportunities to investors looking to make big gains in the future. In fact, 2021 is considered the best year in terms of IPOs as the market has launched a total of 138 IPOs from various start-ups and promising businesses across the country. The total amount accumulated for the year is almost 1.20 lakh crore.

Several big corporate honchos like LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) bagged nearly $2.7 billion during its IPO launch in 2022. A total of 134 IPOs were launched in the year 2022.

If there is one thing that can be inferred from the above data, it is that investors are willing to pick IPO investments for growth, which offers start-ups and existing companies an exciting chance to raise money through IPO. This is why traders and investors are constantly looking for the next Indian IPO. We will delve deeper and learn more about India’s IPOs in this piece.

The top anticipated IPOs in 2023 include a number of well-known companies that have the backing of venture capitalists and private equity firms. Many firms are competing to capitalize on this trend in 2023 after the astounding success of Zomato, Delhivery, CarTrade, and NYkaa. In reality, a number of unicorn-related and tech-based firms want to list their stock in 2023.

Initial public offers (IPOs) are increasing, which mostly indicates the confidence that businesses and investors have in the national economy. A comprehensive overview of the most recent and forthcoming Indian IPOs for 2023 is provided below. Please keep in mind that the companies on this list have got approval from SEBI to come up with their IPOs. However, in order to gain regulatory approval, businesses must present thorough qualitative and quantitative data on their organization, its founders, and company history. Therefore, submitting documentation to SEBI alone shows a company’s dedication to becoming public.

What does Initial Public Offering (IPO) mean?

An initial public offering (IPO) is a sale of securities or shares to the general public that is made by an unlisted company in an effort to raise capital. A business that is not listed on the stock exchange is referred to as an unlisted company. In other words, an IPO is the sale of securities to the general public through the primary market. A main market handles the initial issue of new securities. A business becomes a publicly traded firm and its shares are accessible for free market trading after it is listed on a stock exchange.

What is an upcoming IPO in India?

DRHP-filed IPOs that are scheduled to launch in the upcoming week or month of 2023 are referred to as upcoming IPOs.

Investor demand for IPOs has rarely been as strong as it has been in recent years. According to data, this year’s total IPO collections are significantly above the INR 100 lakh crore threshold. And with just one month left until the end of the year, investors could see a similar level of investor interest in subsequent IPOs.

So, let’s take a look at the top upcoming IPOs in India that are slated to launch in 2023.

Name of the businessIPO Size (in crores)
Puranik BuildersRs. 510
FabIndiaRs. 4,000
Go AirlinesRs. 1300
IndegeneRs. 3,200
TVS Supply Chain SolutionsRs. 5,000
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean ServicesRs. 490
Tata PlayRs. 2,500
Tata Technologies
Survival TechnologiesRs. 1,000
PharmEasyRs. 6250
Honasa Consumer (MamaEarth)Rs. 1,350
DroomRs. 3000
Hexagon NutritionRs. 600
Sahajanand Medical TechnologiesRs. 1,500
Inspira Enterprise IndiaRs. 800
ESAF Small Finance BankRs. 997.8
Popular Vehicles and ServicesRs. 150
One MobiKwik SystemsRs. 1,900
Fincare Small Finance BankRs. 1,330
IxigoRs. 1600
Skanray TechnologiesRs. 400
Penna CementRs. 1,550
Oravel Stays (OYO)Rs. 8,400

Puranik Builders IPO

Puranik Builders is a company that develops both residential and commercial real estate. It was founded in 1990. The organization has so far finished about 35 projects, mostly in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and the Pune Metropolitan Region. Puranik Builders is planning an impending IPO in which it hopes to collect Rs. 510 crores, with over 17 further projects in the works.


FabIndia is a retail apparel company with a physical and online presence that is supported by Wipro’s Azim Premji. The firm filed its DRHP a very long time ago, but it intends to raise about Rs. 500 crores through a new share issuance in early 2023.

Go Airlines

Go Airlines, formerly known as Go Air, intends to raise money through its upcoming IPO in India. The business has submitted a DRHP to SEBI in order to raise Rs. 3600 crores. There is no selling proposal; the offer is limited to new issues.

One of India’s airlines with the quickest expansion is Go Airlines. They are an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) that prioritizes keeping unit costs low. Young Indians and MSMEs make up the majority of the company’s target market.


One of the numerous healthcare IT organizations in India, Indegene offers management, R&D, and a wide range of other services to pharmaceutical companies. The corporation intends to sell 950 crores of rupees worth of shares to the general public through its upcoming IPO in India.

Supply Chain Solutions by TVS

TVS Supply Chain Solutions works with other organizations to offer supply chain logistics solutions. The organization specializes in a number of areas, including demand forecasting, inventory planning, manufacturing, optimization, and procurement management.

Tata Play

Walt Disney Co. is a significant stakeholder in Tata Play, the largest satellite television provider in India with over 19 million subscribers. Tata Play was formerly known as Tata Sky. The US entertainment juggernaut wants to sell every one of its 29.8% stakes in Tata Play.

Tata Technologies

The MD & CEO of Tata Technologies, a multinational provider of product engineering and digital services, is Warren Harris. The automotive, aerospace, industrial machines, and industrial sectors are the four main areas of concentration.

Survival Technologies

The business is an Indian manufacturer of specialty chemicals with an emphasis on contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS). It is one of the few specialty chemical companies in India producing a limited range of heterocyclic and fluoro-organic products for both domestic and international markets.


For the month of November 2021, market regulator SEBI has received an IPO application from API Holdings, the parent business of PharmEasy, the leading digital healthcare platform in India. The PharmEasy IPO would have an offering size of Rs. 6,250 crores. This will be the issuing of entirely fresh shares. Neither a shareholder nor an investor will have less ownership of the company as a result of this IPO.

Hosana Consumer (Mamaearth)

Mamaearth is the largest digital-first beauty and personal care (BPC) company in India in terms of revenue from operations for FY 2022. Its portfolio of brands with differentiated value propositions includes products in the baby care, face care, body care, hair care, color cosmetics, and fragrances segments.


Droom is an online marketplace that buys and sells both used and new cars. It was founded in 2014 and is fuelled by data science and technology. With over 65% of market share (automobile transactions) online, it has been India’s best auto website. Droom submitted their DRHP to SEBI on November 11th, 2021 in order to generate Rs. 3,000 crores through a public offering. A fresh issuance of shares totaling Rs. 2,000 crores and an offer for sale of Rs. 1,000 crores make up the IPO.

Hexagon Nutrition

Hexagon Nutrition is a fully integrated, research-oriented pure-play nutrition company. Its product portfolio addresses a broad spectrum of aspects such as fortification of foods, therapeutic nutrition, clinical nutrition, and alleviation of malnutrition.

Sahajanand Medical Technologies

Sahajanand Med Tech has submitted a SEBI application for a Rs. 1,500 crore initial public offering (IPO). The business is a significant medical device company that focuses on the worldwide development, manufacture, and marketing of vascular devices.

India’s Inspira Enterprise

The Prakash Jain family owns the enterprise solutions firm Inspira Enterprises. The Rs. 800 crore IPO consists of a Rs. 300 crore new issue and a Rs. 500 crore offer for sale (OFS). The business will utilize the proceeds from the new issuance to pay down debt as well as for working capital needs. It provides several, cross-vertical solutions.

ESAF Small Finance Bank

The Kerala-based ESAF SFB specializes in microloans. The Rs.998 crore IPO consists of an offer for sale (OFS) of Rs.198 crore and a new issuance for Rs.800 crore. The portion of the fresh offering will be utilized to increase its capital adequacy and provide money for on-lending in its core lending operation.

Popular Vehicles and Services

Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd filed for an initial public offering (IPO) with SEBI that includes a fresh issue of Rs. 150 crores and an offer for the sale of 42,66,666 (42 lakh) shares. The business, which has its headquarters in Kerala, is the top national dealership for a variety of cars.

One MobiKwik Systems

A new issuance of Rs. 1,500 crore and an OFS of Rs. 400 crore make up MobiKwik’s Rs. 1,900 crore initial public offering (IPO). Due to Paytm’s underwhelming listing, the issue’s debut was delayed from Dec. 21–Jan. MobiKwik provides clients and merchants with a powerful payment wallet in addition to a unique BNPL (buy now pay later) digital plan.

Fincare Small Finance Bank

A fresh issue of 330 crore rupees and an offer for sale (OFS) of 1,000 crore rupees make up Fincare SFB’s Rs. 1,330 crore initial public offering (IPO). A considerable portion of the population is served by Fincare’s services, and it will use the new funds to strengthen its Tier-1 capital basis in order to make future loan book development easier.

Skanray Technologies

Skanray Technologies’ initial public offering (IPO) would include a fresh issuance of 400 crore rupees and an offer to sell 141.06 lakh shares at a future price. The business creates, develops, and produces medical equipment with a focus on the Indian market.

Penna Cement

The Rs. 1,550 crore IPO would be made up of a Rs. 1,300 crore new issue and a Rs. 250 crore offer for sale. This Hyderabad-based cement company’s second effort would be used to pay off debt and fund development.

Le Travenues Technology (Ixigo)

The Rs. 1,600 crore IPO would be made up of a Rs. 850 crore new issue and a Rs. 750 crore offer for sale. It has been active for more than 14 years and is one of the few artificial intelligence-based platforms for booking flights, trains, and hotels. Despite being in the travel industry, it has a more B2B business strategy.

Oravel Stays (OYO)

In order to raise Rs. 8,430 crores, one of India’s first and most successful hospitality start-ups in the digital rooms sector plans to enter the market. However, it’s feasible that the business may accept a lesser offer and lower values. The IPO would include a fresh issue of Rs. 7,000 crores and an offer for sale by existing investors of Rs. 1,430 crores.

The Conclusion

One of the best strategies to increase the likelihood of accruing profits through IPO investment is to keep a close watch on the upcoming IPOs in India. Your search for the upcoming IPO in India in 2023 will end at this post.

FAQs about Upcoming IPOS in India 2023

How do I apply online for an upcoming IPO in India?

With online applications, IPO applications are incredibly simple to submit. Investors can submit an application using the website or mobile app of a brokerage and select UPI as their preferred form of payment.

What is IPO funding?

Retail investors, high-net-worth individuals, and corporate organizations can seek IPO funding loans from NBFCs in order to participate in initial public offerings. Only a tiny portion of the margin is paid by the applicant; the lender covers the remainder.

What does IPO issue size mean?

The term “IPO issue size” refers to the entire amount of money raised through the IPO, which is determined by dividing the total number of shares by the share price.

How to verify the IPO start date?

On the websites of the BSE and NSE, investors may keep track of anticipated IPO dates. The dates when an IPO becomes accessible for trade are listed in a list of IPO listing dates that are published by the stock exchanges.

Is it possible to cancel or reset my IPO application?

During the bidding phase, investors have the option to alter or withdraw their applications. The steps are listed below.
To change the application, the investor must fill out a revision form and submit it to the syndicate member.
Go to the order book and choose the IPO you want to cancel to withdraw your IPO application. Within two working days, the bank will release the stopped funds.