6 Best Trading Apps in India 

With the correct trading app, you can succeed in the erratic markets of today. Whether you’re a rookie seeking simplicity or an experienced trader searching for complexity, these top trading apps are appropriate for all traders.

You can discover, evaluate, and improve your financial path with the best trading app right at your fingertips.

These apps are so widely used that even beginners can engage in trading with ease. These apps provide a number of other worthwhile features in addition to making the purchasing and selling of financial instruments easier.

To guarantee the seamless functioning of these trading applications, a dependable internet connection is all that is needed.

Since the pandemic in 2020, the sector for online stock trading apps has grown at an exponential rate. The emergence of mobile applications for stock trading has been revolutionary, largely due to increased interest in financial literacy and improved internet speeds. Indians are seeing a smooth daily transition to extremely flexible and efficient trading choices that are all available with just a click.

2024’s Top Trading Apps: Features and Fees

Trading AppTop FeaturesTradings ChargesBest Offers
ZerodhaPossesses every possibility for stock tradingRs.20Refer Zerodha and Receive: A Flat 10% Brokerage + An Additional 300 Reward Points
Angel OneQuick stock purchases and salesRs.20Free Deal: Complimentary Demat Account
GrowwIdeal for Novices0.05% or Rs.20 (whichever is lower)Offer: Register for Free to get started on your investment journey right now
UpstoxIdeal for immediate investmentRs.20Offer: Register for Free to get started on your investment journey right now
Paytm MoneyThere is no commission for direct mutual fundsRs.15Free brokerage this month up to Rs. 500
5paisaFeatures an option for automatic investingRs.20Offer for 5paisa IPO: Free 30-day Power Investor Subscription

Indian millennials, or those between the ages of 20 and 35, are among the trading applications’ most ardent users, according to earlier research reports. A daily journal published on research by a private brokerage firm found that there has been a significant rise in the number of Demat account holders in India. From just 8.4 crore accounts in January 2022 to over 11 crore accounts in January 2023, the count has increased. The widespread adoption of mobile trading apps is a must for achieving these astounding results.

Investors and traders may find it difficult to choose the best trading platform that meets their unique demands given the abundance of options accessible. Our findings have been summarized below to aid in this process. Our methodology contains comprehensive details on the trading app platforms we selected as well as the standards we used to determine our rankings.

Find Out The Best Trading App in India 

See below for all the information regarding the top trading app features, fees, and reviews of 2024 trading apps.


Zerodha’s strong technological infrastructure makes it a great choice for both rookie and experienced traders and investors. With over one crore active clients, Zerodha accounts for almost 15% of total Indian retail trading volumes.

Internally developed Zerodha Kite is the company’s premier mobile trading program. With over 100 indicators, advanced charting, quick order placement, and several advanced order types like good till triggered (GTT) and cover orders, the Kite 3.0 web platform has it all.

Features of Zerodha: 

  • Enhanced charts with a sophisticated user interface and fast streaming market data.
  • To facilitate the placement of many orders with the same input, the “sticky order window” was introduced.
  • To find out how much leverage is being used for a particular trade against equities companies, use the “Leverage indicator”.
  • Comprehensive data on daily transactions and the entire portfolio.
  • Sophisticated functions include the “view breakdown” that shows STT and brokerage fees.
  • Free trading of equity delivery without any brokerage costs.
  • Investment directly in mutual funds (MF) without paying any commission.
  • Leverage up to 20 times when trading intraday.
  • Choosing to open a 3-in-1 account with IDFC First Bank (a bank account for derivative trading).
  • Opportunity to submit an application directly through the app for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).


  • Available on the Android and iOS operating systems.
  • No brokerage costs apply to MFs and equity delivery trades.
  • intuitive user interface and application for beginners.
  • Ideal for algorithmic, passive, or active traders.


  • There are annual fees of INR 200 for opening an account and INR 300 for maintaining one.
  • Trade SMS alerts are optional and incur an additional fee.
  • No option to receive free research papers or stock suggestions.
  • Order information must be retrieved from a distinct app that exists independently of the primary app.
Transaction Amount ₹ 
Online equity trading account opening charges₹ 200
Online demat account opening charges₹ 200
Online Commodity opening charges₹ 100
Intraday and F&O trade charges₹ 400
Account Maintaining Charges (Annually)Starting ₹ 300
Charges related to Equity delivery investmentsFree
Charges related to Mutual fund investmentsFree
Intraday and F&O trades charges₹ 20 or 0.03%, whichever is lower per trade on all options

PayTM Money

With approximately 14 million users, Paytm Money is one of the most popular apps for online trading. The portal lets users invest in a range of financial products, like mutual funds, stocks, and financial instruments like the National Pension System (NPS). Paytm Money does not, however, allow trading of currencies or commodities.

For services like account opening and maintenance, the platform charges nothing. Furthermore, there are no fees for intraday trading and equities delivery—just Rs. 10 per order, respectively.

Features of Paytm Money: 

  • Investment opportunities in stocks, NPS, IPOs, and mutual funds (MFs).
  • Direct mutual funds yield a 1% better return.
  • services for mutual fund investment advice and an internal brokerage calculator.
  • Freebies include research papers and trade calls at no cost.
  • Extras include margin financing and margin against share.
  • Complaints are handled by email and chat.


  • Mutual fund advising services are provided by a SEBI-certified investment advisor.
  • For increased security, use two-factor authentication.
  • Tidy and easy-to-use UI.


  • Smooth and easy onboarding process.
  • Less responsive customer service is possible.
  • For NRI trading accounts, no services are offered.
  • Not enough advice or tips for intraday trading.
  • Not allowing trading in currencies and commodities.
Transaction Amount ₹ 
Trading Account Opening Charges₹200
Trading Annual Maintenance Charges₹300
Demat Account Opening ChargesFree
Demat Account Annual Maintenance ChargesFree
Brokerage on Transactions
Equity Delivery₹ 15 per Trade or 2.5% whichever is low
Equity Intraday₹ 15 per Trade or 0.05% whichever is low
Equity Futures₹ 15 per Trade or 0.02% whichever is low


Groww offers minimum and maximum brokerage rates in several segments such as Intraday, F&O, and Equity Delivery. The minimum brokerage is set at 0.05% of the deal amount. Growing an account with Groww is free of cost, and maintaining a Demat account is free as well.

Features of Groww: 

  • American stocks, gold, mutual funds, stocks, and fixed deposits are examples of investment possibilities.
  • Placing a strong emphasis on the encryption and verification techniques used to protect consumer data and transactions.
  • A watchlist, portfolio tracker, stock screener, SIP calculator, smart alerts, and more are available along with live market updates.
  • Providing research reports, suggestions, advice, and insights on a range of equities and mutual funds, a team of experts offers professional direction and help.
  • Dedicated customer service representatives are available around the clock to help with questions or problems.


  • Opening and maintaining an account is free.
  • Cheap brokerage.
  • An app that is straightforward to use and understand makes investing in a variety of instruments simple.
  • Such features and tools include watchlists, SIP calculators, portfolio trackers, live market updates, stock screeners, and smart notifications.
  • A team of experts offering insights, advice, suggestions, and research reports.


  • Restrictions on the sale of commodities, bonds, money, and derivatives.
  • Lack of some elements that other platforms offer, like technical indicators, historical data, backtesting, and sophisticated charting tools.
Transaction Amount ₹ 
Trading Account Opening ChargesFree 
Trading Annual Maintenance ChargesFree
Demat Account Opening ChargesFree
Demat Account Annual Maintenance ChargesFree
Brokerage on Transactions
Equity Delivery₹ 20 or 0.05% of trade value whichever is lower.
Equity Intraday₹ 20 or 0.05% of trade value whichever is lower.

Angel One 

A well-known financial trading firm, Angel One is distinguished by its affordable brokerage plan. In addition to free account maintenance for the first year, the platform offers no brokerage fees for the first thirty days on intraday, F&O, and commodities.

Angel One allows investors to investigate a wide range of investment opportunities, such as US stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, stocks, commodities, and F&O.

Features of Angel One : 

  • The extensive platform for investing and trading.
  • Strong advisory and research services.
  • The broad network of branches offers assistance offline.
  • Mobile application that is easy to use.
  • Includes FX and commodities among its many trading areas


  • Thorough research reports and suggestions.
  • Committed relationship supervisors.
  • Mutual funds and initial public offerings are accessible.
  • Many platforms for trading meet various demands.
  • A strong physical presence that includes branches.


  • For some traders, brokerage fees could be a bit excessive.
  • A complicated cost schedule for a range of services.
  • It might not be appropriate for investors on a tight budget.
TransactionAmount ₹ 
Trading Account Opening ChargesFree
Trading Annual Maintenance ChargesFREE (for 1st Year) ₹ 20 per month + taxes (2nd year onwards)
Demat Account Opening ChargesFree
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges₹ 240 
Brokerage on Transactions
Equity DeliveryFree
Equity Intraday₹ 20 per trade or 0.25% whichever is lower
Equity F&O₹ 20 per trade or 0.25% whichever is lower
Currency F&O₹ 20 per trade or 0.25% whichever is lower
Commodity F&O₹ 20 per trade or 0.25% whichever is lower

5 Paisa

A reputable discount broker in India, 5Paisa offers trading in stocks, mutual funds, currencies, derivatives, and other instruments. It offers quick trading using its mobile app or internet version and is renowned for its straightforward and equitable pricing model.

Features of 5paisa

  • Dependable mobile platform for trading.
  • Equity delivery deals have no brokerage fees.
  • Sophisticated analytical and graphing tools.
  • Simple and rapid account opening procedure.
  • Mutual funds and insurance are accessible.


  • No brokerage fees and inexpensive trading for the delivery of equities.
  • Interface that is easy to use.
  • Numerous choices for investing.
  • Research papers and market data are updated in real-time.
  • Various order kinds and adjustable alert systems.


  • Trading on the intraday and F&O markets is subject to fees.
  • Restricted physical presence.
  • In certain instances, customer service needs to be improved.
TransactionAmount ₹
Trading Account Opening ChargesFree
Trading Annual Maintenance ChargesFree
Demat Account Opening ChargesFree
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges₹300
Brokerage on Transactions
Equity Delivery₹20 per trade
Equity Intraday₹20 per trade
Equity F&O₹20 per trade
Commodity F&O₹20 per trade


Upstox distinguishes itself with its affordable pricing, superior analytical features, and easy-to-use interface. With its variety of investment options and ease of use, it’s a great option for traders as well as investors.

Features of Upstox: 

  • Robust platform for trading with data updated in real-time.
  • Obtaining commodities and derivatives.
  • Thorough charting resources.
  • The mobile app is easy to use.


  • Powerful tools for analysis and charting.
  • Simple and quick account opening.
  • Mutual funds and initial public offerings are available.
  • Stock delivery with no brokerage.


  • Trading intraday and F&O is subject to fees.
  • Customer service still has space for improvement.
  • Little physical presence.
TransactionAmount ₹
Trading Account Opening ChargesFree
Trading Annual Maintenance Charges₹177
Demat Account Opening ChargesFree
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges₹150
Brokerage on Transactions
Equity Delivery₹ 20 per trade or 2.5% whichever is lower
Equity Intraday₹ 20 per trade or 0.05% whichever is lower
Equity Futures₹ 20 per trade or 0.05% whichever is lower
Equity Options₹ 20 per trade

Methods for Determining the Best Trading App in India

Following a review of 30 trading applications in the Indian financial industry, Forbes Advisor India determined which apps performed the best using the standards listed below:

Execution Speed: The speed at which decisions are made is crucial when trading, whether it be intraday or otherwise. To determine their ranking, we evaluated the dependability and speed of various trading apps.

User-friendliness of the Mobile App: We only chose trading apps that have an easy-to-use interface that lets users perform even the most complicated trades. Because of their incredibly seamless functioning, these apps make it easier and faster to execute trading methods.

Advanced Features and Customization Options: A successful trading app should offer full support for sophisticated trading features and allow for user customization so that users may personalize their trading experiences.

Real-time and Live Market Feeds: The viability of a trading app depends on the availability of real-time market data. The results of your transactions may be greatly impacted by this feature.

Range of Tradable Products: We took into account the variety of goods that each trading software provides, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance, initial public offerings, and more.

Trading App Fees: When assessing and choosing the top trading apps, we took a number of fees and charges into consideration, including account opening, account maintenance, and demat charges.

The Conclusion 

Trading is the act of purchasing and disposing of publicly traded firm shares and securities via a reputable exchange called a share market. In plain English, trading can be defined as financial operations carried out to allocate cash into channels that support the expansion of financial resources. Always remember that trading shares and securities carry a certain amount of market risk in addition to the possibility of potential gains. Hence, in order to manage risk when investing in the stock market, prior research and analysis are required. An individual can increase their financial resources and generate income from securities trading.

Trading stocks is the most accessible option in today’s society, when everyone aspires to succeed and guarantee their financial future. Through SIP, anyone can trade stocks in the share market, from institutional investors to regular people, for as little as ₹500. Trading has grown in popularity, particularly among younger people, due to the abundance of options and simplicity of entry into the market. Trading has been the most versatile investing platform in the globe over the last several years due to its expanding trend.

FAQs – 6 Best Trading Apps in India 

1. Is it secure to use mobile apps for trading?

Ans. In general, trading applications are safe as long as they are obtained from reliable brokers. They use a variety of security techniques, including biometric login, two-factor authentication, and encryption, to safeguard user information and transactions.

2. What fees are involved with using trading apps?

Ans. Stamp duty, GST, SEBI fees, brokerage costs, and transaction fees are a few examples of possible charges. While some apps have a percentage-based price system, others offer a flat fee structure.

3. Can novices utilize trading apps?

Ans. Without a doubt. With their user-friendly interfaces, educational materials, and demo accounts that allow users to practice trading without using real money, several trading applications cater specifically to novice users.

4. Do trading applications provide customer service?

Ans. The majority of trading apps include phone, email, and chat support in addition to other methods. It’s critical to select an app with timely and friendly customer support.

5. Is it possible to trade foreign stocks with Indian trading apps?

Ans. The opportunity to trade foreign stocks is provided by certain Indian trading apps, either directly or through exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds that make investments in foreign markets.