Best Mutual Fund App in India | List of Top 10 Mutual Fund Apps

With more and more individuals choosing this investing strategy to increase their wealth, the mutual fund industry in India has experienced substantial development in recent years. There are various drivers that are known to push the growth of mutual funds like nothing else like ease of investment, wide range of investment options, excellent growth, fast liquidity, and others. Among them, the level of ease mutual funds offer to investors is the main reason behind the unprecedented growth of mutual funds.

To enable easy and quick investment in mutual funds, there are mutual fund apps that can be installed on smartphones. These apps not just allow investors to browse through all types of mutual funds available today but also help them invest in the chosen mutual funds quickly and effectively. In addition, there are lots of other things that you can do on the best mutual fund app in India.

What does a mutual fund app mean?

A mutual fund app is a software program that is designed to work on smartphones and help individuals explore fund options and invest money in them. With the help of a mutual fund app, investors can do a host of things like explore all available mutual funds, compare different mutual funds, invest in them, check their performance, portfolio management, redeem the investment amount, and others.

Most Indian stockbrokers offer mutual fund app that allow traders and clients to invest not just in mutual funds but also in equities. There are several mutual fund apps in India with fantastic benefits for investors.

If you are searching to invest in the best mutual fund app, then you can browse through the following mutual fund apps in India. By understanding them more and comparing their benefits, you can easily make the right decision.

List of Top 10 Mutual Fund Apps in India with Their Charges & Rating

RankMutual Fund AppsChargeRatingApp Logo
1.Coin App by ZerodhaFree4.2zerodha-coin
2.ICICIdirect All-in-oneFree4.4icici-direct
3.Groww Mutual FundsZero4.5Groww Best Mutual Fund App in India
4.Paytm Money Mutual FundsFree3.8Paytm-Money
6.ET MoneyFree4.6et-money
7.Angel Bee Mutual FundFree4.4angel-bee
8.myCAMS Mutual FundsFree4.0my-cams
9.Money Control Mutual FundFree4.2money-control

Coin App by Zerodha -Best Mutual Fund App in India

Investors may immediately invest in mutual funds using the Coin app from Zerodha. There is an iOS and Android version of the top mutual fund app. An app or website called Coin can be used to invest in mutual funds. The fact that there are no commission fees involved makes it the greatest mutual fund app in India.

The Coin app was introduced by Zerodha in 2017 for direct mutual fund investments. Allowing investors to invest in direct mutual fund schemes, it was intended to offer significant savings for them. Investors can avoid paying the commission they would otherwise have to use conventional mutual funds by doing this. Additionally, there is a provision for unique SIP programs.

Features of the Coin app by Zerodha

  • A top-rated direct mutual fund investment mobile application
  • Invest in direct mutual funds
  • 0 commission, brokerage, and subscription charges
  • Choose between SIP and a one-time lump sum investment amount
  • Invest in direct mutual funds for excellent returns
  • Start, pause, or cancel SIPs online easily
  • Monitor the stocks and mutual funds under a single portfolio
  • Buy or redeem funds given the defined NAV level
  • A combined statement including P&L, visualizations, and others
  • Access to various direct mutual funds from different AMCs under one account
  • Available for Android and iPhone users

Website –

ICICIdirect All-in-one App

The mutual fund app from ICICIdirect, one of the major stockbrokers in India, is the second-best app for mutual funds on the list. The finest mutual fund app in India provides traders and investors with a straightforward but intuitive mutual fund investing experience, regardless of their level of experience.

Investors may select from more than 36 fund companies and 2,500+ fund plans using this top mutual fund app in India. It is crucial to remember that all of the plans are part of typical mutual funds.

Below are some of the major features of the ICICIdirect mutual fund app.

  • One-click mutual fund investment
  • Check the performance of each scheme separately
  • Easy recovery with single click portfolio
  • Expand the portfolio with multiple fund schemes
  • Check the upcoming value of SIP before making an investment
  • Timely updates to enhance the mutual fund portfolio
  • Pick analysis, performance, and modification features
  • Allows research-based investment portfolios

Website –

Groww Mutual Funds App

The Groww app was first launched in 2016 as a mutual fund app before becoming one of the most well-known stockbroking applications. Groww, supported by Nextbillion Technology Private Limited, is regarded as one of the top Indian applications for investing in mutual funds.

Groww does not impose any costs for investing in mutual funds, including account opening fees, subscription fees, commissions, or redemption fees. The top Indian mutual fund app gives users access to a large selection of mutual funds from over 35 asset management companies. Clear user interface and straightforward design

  • Option to free transition from other standard mutual funds to direct mutual funds.
  • A console where one can check the annualized returns on all the underlying assets.
  • A direct mutual fund platform that allows investors to increase their return by at least 1%.
  • Mutual funds that have already been assembled and are segregated into multiple categories, including equity, debt, hybrid, solution-oriented, and others.
  • Combining mutual funds according to risk, fund strength, and investing pattern.
  • Invest in SIP or lump sum option, along with the ability to compare mutual funds against important parameters such as risk, NAV, and returns.
  • More than 35 mutual fund partners, and 5000 mutual funds to pick from.
  • There are zero charges, transaction charges, or other costs levied by this best app for mutual fund investment.

Website –

Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

Paytm is already a wonderful name in the financial segment. Paytm’s main function is to be used to pay vendors, but it also offers other financial services that you may simply choose from. Install the Paytm Money app, then start using it. You may design your financial portfolio and obtain a 1% greater return on the Paytm money app. You can also choose from a number of investment plans on this best app for mutual funds.

In addition, the app doesn’t have any additional fees if you often purchase or sell mutual funds. To start your financial investment plan and open an account on the Paytm Money app, it simply takes 30 minutes. Paytm ensures you receive top-notch service while setting up your account, thus there is no paper involved in the registration process at all. Therefore, use the Paytm Money app and carefully plan your finances.

Simple user interface for a seamless mutual fund experience

  • A smart and steadfast search mechanism that enables investors to filter through available schemes by name, category, fund manager, and rating.
  • Mutual Fund ratings from top research firms.
  • Option to check the funds with the most attractive returns in each category.
  • All-inclusive data about the fund manager.
  • Fast withdrawal of 90% of investment funds, up to an optimum limit of Rs. 50,000.
  • Combining mutual funds based on risk, fund size, returns, investing method, and time period makes selection easier.
  • Regular portfolio updates.
  • Get different mutual fund statements including Portfolio Holding, Tax saving, Transaction Summary, etc.
  • Timely SIP alerts
  • Advice on the perfect SIP dates for optimum returns.
  • A riskometer that reveals the type of risk linked with each plan.
  • A feature for defining monetary goals for tracking.
  • Option to start SIP of as low as Rs. 100
  • Compare schemes/funds belonging to the same group

Website –

Kuvera – Best Mutual Fund App in India

Kuvera is another top app for investing in mutual funds. Thanks to Kuvera’s unique and simple user interface, you may quickly create an account there in a few minutes. You may create your own financial portfolio, manage joint family accounts, and keep an eye on your investments. An easy-to-use dashboard with all the information on the insurance, financial plan, and SIP is another feature of the top mutual fund investing app. You may set goals for your life and track your progress thanks to it as well. Additionally, it offers trendy mutual funds that might aid you in achieving your goal.

The major characteristics of this best app for mutual funds in India are:

  • Available on all devices
  • SIP/Lumpsum Investment Calculator
  • The quickest way to begin mutual fund investment
  • Prepare a customized financial plan given your specific financial objective
  • Option to search funds and start SIP
  • Accessed through web browser also
  • SEBI-certified
  • No commission for investment in direct mutual funds

Website –

ET Money

If you are looking to invest in mutual funds, ET Money’s mutual fund app is one option you can’t choose to overlook. Already associated with a reputed name like Economic Times, the app is an award-winning option that can provide numerous benefits. It is very easy to set up an account on this best app for mutual funds and start investing.

The financial calculator on the app is the most intriguing feature; all you have to do is enter a goal, and the software will then instantly propose a number of mutual funds investing strategies. Also, it features a very simple approach for integrating with other payment applications like GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. This app’s key feature is its personalized section, which presents the best mutual funds to invest in based on their prior performance. This top mutual fund app in India is perhaps the best for investing in mutual funds.

Its major features are:

  • Direct mutual fund investment
  • 0 commission
  • Great investment ideas such as Top Tax Saver (ELSS) Funds, Mutual Funds for Beginners, and Best Index Funds
  • Chance to earn up to 1 % higher returns
  • Investment as SIP or lump sum
  • Totally digital account opening procedure

Website –

Angel Bee Mutual Fund App

Angel BEE, a comprehensive investing app, provides a one-stop shop for all of your mutual fund investment needs. The Angel BEE App makes it simple to manage your SIPs, mutual fund investments, and other investment plans.

Unlike other apps that offer investment advice, ANGEL BEE helps its users attain their objectives more quickly by actively informing users whenever there is a need to depart and reinvest and tracking all client investments on this app.

  • Start your mutual fund investment journey in no time
  • Intuitive consulting service of Angel Bee to evaluate your financial health and identify improvement areas
  • Define your goals, compute your SIP, and add up to achieve them.
  • Invest in the best ELSS mutual funds and lighten up your tax liability.
  • Manage your finances more effectively with the inherent spending tracker.
  • A smart user interface that makes trading mutual funds easy and fast.
  • A dedicated Mutual Fund Calculator that you may use to quickly and easily determine the precise amount each time.
  • A specific SIP Returns section.
  • Available for iOS and Android users

myCAMS Mutual Funds App

One of the simplest and lightest applications on our list is myCAMS. The minimal file size and simple interface make everything accessible and easy to use. MyCAMS simplifies and eliminates confusion for you in the mutual fund investment process.

It also offers a bunch of functionality despite not being particularly attractive software. Both a PIN and a pattern can be used to log in. Following that, you may view your current MF portfolio or open new folios. Additionally, you may easily and quickly set up your SIP, buy things, swap, and do whatever else you think is useful.

  • Access your investments across multiple mutual funds
  • Schedule transactions
  • Modify default bank mandate
  • Track and manage their portfolio
  • Open a new folio and update FATCA

Website –

Money Control Mutual Fund App

This interactive investing software is the standout among investment apps because of its features. You can keep an eye on both the assets in your mutual funds and the performance of your stocks with Money Control. This top mutual fund app in India lets you access equities and indices via voice search, and you may do so in Gujarati, Hindi, or English. Tracking ULIPs (Unit-linked insurance plans) and commodities is very simple when using many portfolio accounts.

Along with getting news updates, you may follow your favorite subject on discussion forums and live TV. The voice search feature and the currency converter are two standout on-the-go features. You may invest in mutual funds on the NSE and BSE and receive real-time notifications on stock movement, as well as information on the top gainers and losers (Indian stock markets). Transactions like investments and redemptions are permitted, as well as the creation and cancellation of SIPs.


One-touch login is possible with this feature-rich program. Kfintech, a different registrar and transfer business, is in charge of running it. Similar to myCAMS, this program gives you a single view of your investments and enables you to handle transactions quickly. According to the app’s boasts, the investor can effortlessly use it.

Another noteworthy feature is the joining of many folios. The same software you use to manage your assets may also be used to handle the finances of your family. You may learn more about your investing behavior to help you make more informed decisions. Automatic data updates and screen notifications while using the software are further distinctive characteristics. Other transactions enabled include redemptions, SIP launches, and reinvestments.

The Conclusion

Consequently, whether you want to invest in mutual funds via SIP or lump sum, using the top mutual fund app in India not only delivers high levels of simplicity but also helps you earn higher profits by saving your money from unneeded expenses. However, it is crucial to conduct in-depth research on each of the top 10 mutual fund apps in India before selecting one that best meets your investing objectives.

FAQs – Mutual fund app in India

What is a mutual fund app?

A mutual fund app or application is a software program that is meant to help investors browse through different types of mutual funds under one platform, invest in them, and do several other things.

Which mutual fund app in India is the best for SIP investment?

In India, there are a number of mutual fund applications that offer users a quick and profitable SIP investment. All you have to do is look for the software that best suits your requirements.

Which is the best app for mutual funds?

Coin by Zerodha, Groww, ET Money Mutual Fund App, Scripbox, Paytm Money Mutual Fund App, Kuvera, and myCAMS Mutual Fund App are a few of the most well-known applications for investing in mutual funds.

What is NAV?

The market value of the securities in a scheme divided by the total number of units in the scheme on any given day is the NAV per unit.

What does the total expense ratio mean?

A scheme’s yearly fund running costs are shown as a proportion of the fund’s daily net assets in an expense ratio. Administration, management, advertising-related costs, etc. are examples of operating expenditures for a scheme.

What are the cut-off timings?

To be eligible for a given day’s pricing or Net Asset Value (NAV), an investor must submit a proper purchase or withdrawal/redemption form before the cut-off time.

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